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Halal pharmaceuticals segment has witnessed the emergence of a new concept, halalopathy, that combines spiritual healing with halal-sourced medication.

Halalopathic: New Concept in Medicine


Antioxidants in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, Nutritional Antioxidant Therapies: Treatments and Perspectives


Halal Certification

Swiss Scientific Society for Developing Countries: A Concept of Relationship

Swiss scientific society for developing countries (SSSDC), founded in 2014 by a group of Swiss Scientists, aiming to merge their scientific and intellectual skills with their oriental background to promote communications, business, research, health affair and education between Switzerland and developing countries. The society’s members are highly professionals with cultural diversities and acting as a neutral body to build trust, resolve conflict, minimize the probability of misunderstanding, and cost negotiation between their partners to achieve a better understanding, reasonable solutions, suggestions, advices that may assist in narrowing gaps and promote/strengthening relationship between Switzerland and developing countries. SSSDC is located in Dübendorf-Switzerland and planning to conduct seminars, and annual meetings to help members acquire greater knowledge and develop their profession and skills to be able to identify key opportunities, define valuable strategies and deliver high quality through interaction with partners and members.

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Job in Hong Kong

The work description as follows:-
Immonology ( cells therapy , Genes therapy ,biological anti aging ) doctor Recruitment
Job responsibilities
1. As an experienced doctor, experience to participate in the development of medical technology in the department of immunology & anti-aging & Biomedical & cells therapy & genes therapy for medical health management of the patients .
2. Good communication with clinic patients , and able to complete customer treatment plan.
3. Actively participate in anti-aging team work.
4. Actively participate in hospital medical projects, including cross-department consultation and discussion.
5. Provide transnational medical resources to customers when necessary, seek cooperation and adapt to business trips.
Job requirements
1. A Bachelor’s Degree or above in medicine required.
2. Immunology or Cell therapist or gene therapist or Biomedical laboratory professional training experience are advantages.
Salary and Benefits(Salary range per month ): 8k -13 k USD(Specific negotiable )
The probation period 90 days,positive with a probation period 60 days, Contract agreement for 1 year.
doctor of anti-aging department .Work 8 hours a day, Work 5.5days a week, 8 days annual leave. Holiday arrangement according to China HongKong labor law (specific time can be negotiated within the department for coordination, priority given to hospital work operation)
Insurance: basic social insurance。(Social insurance projects are divided into endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance.)
Work address: HongKong -SZ
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