Our Objectives


Swiss scientific society for developing countries (SSSDC) was initiated by a group of Swiss scientists working at different Universities and aiming to merge their scientific and intellectual skills with their oriental background to promote communications, research, education and business between Switzerland and developing countries.

The main objectives of the SSSDC are to:

1. Promote and coordinate scientific and technical exchange with developing countries.

2. Build strong partnerships and networks that aim to develop an innovative project, knowledge transfer, and experience exchange.

3. Provide highly skilled advisors, consultants and auditors for bilateral investors to promote scientific and economic prosperity.

4. Provide neutral and trusted body to initiate negotiation and facilitate investment flows, stabilizing the investment climate and provide neutral dispute management for investors to ensure mutual benefit.

5. Establish specifications and standardizations for chemicals and biomaterials.

6. Cooperate with other societies, institutions, universities, government, NGO, and private sectors to advance common goals.