Why Switzerland

Location: Switzerland is located in the central of Europe, and shares borders with GermanyAustriaItalyFrance and Liechtenstein.

The geographical location of Switzerland is a key element of Swiss economy; it is surrounded by major trading partners and has borders with three of the four largest European markets. Due to the strategic location, Switzerland gained diversity in cultures, languages and partnerships.

Languages: Switzerland is multilingual and has four national languages, namely GermanFrenchItalian and Romansh. Other spoken languages are English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish. English is widely used for communication among Swiss with different language background, and English is mainly spoken at Universities and in many business sectors.

Education: The most important factor contributing to the strength of the Swiss economy is the high level of education. Professional skills and high-quality training are and will remain the country’s most important capital. It is noteworthy that in proportion to its population, Switzerland has the highest share of Nobel prizes.The universities and institutes of technology conduct research at the highest level and work closely with the international research community.

Industry: Switzerland is home for many large pharmaceutical companies, like Roche and Novartis, food processing, machinery, electronics and metals. Switzerland is most famous for watch and chocolate industries.

Political Neutrality: Switzerland is committed to many key values such as neutrality, humanity, diplomacy and tolerance. Neutrality is highly reflected in Swiss political history, Switzerland has no history of colonization.

Public transportation: Swiss local and international transportation is a state of art with outstanding infrastructure network.

Environment: Switzerland is a world leader in the development of environmentally friendly technology and systems for efficient energy use, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and recycling.

Diversity: Switzerland has multilingual with diverse cultural and natural heritage and recreational activities with great diversity.

Tax: Switzerland has an attractive tax system. Total taxation is modes compared to other highly developed countries. For this reason, Switzerland is an attractive country for foreign investment.